Letterhead Design

Choosing the right letterhead design that reflect your business is very important. It shows how you value your business and tell others that you handle even the slightest thing professionally. Other important factors such as colors, images and design placements should be given some attention. Different businesses utilize different colors and layouts for better branding and identity.

Placements of your important business attributes such as company name, phone number, address, email and company’s website address should be arranged and highlighted in the most suitable order for easy referencing so that your customers could easily get in touch with you. Do not insert unnecessary information and keep your letterhead design clean to increase content readability and avoid confusion. Lastly, do keep the details on your letterhead updated. Letterheads with outdated business attributes should be kept away. Always make sure that you always have sufficient amount of letterheads with you. You would not want to send your customers a quotation that you printed yourself with a desktop printer which does not reflect your business well. It is also important to have the information on your letterhead up to date. Reprint your letterheads and never use any of the outdated. To save cost, only print and store a certain or necessary amount of letterhead needed.

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